Welcome to some quake remnants of thought in type.

I humbly welcome all wanderers like I and my troubled self.

We traverse the internet cloud-space & sphere each day daily.

Either to reach out for semi-talk or re-reconnection we all to some level utilize the smart-gadgets for smarts.

My smarts aren’t special or out of the ordinary in some ideocratic sense.

For the smart-gadgets now make most all smart in some form or another.

I’ve usually viewed mine as an all in one book, magazine, movie or tv show even encyclopedia.

Though I’ll naturally always worry about some plausible one day fate of any and all physical (non-cloud sphere) artwork.

Producers of such historical jobs in fact entire industries are most understandably anxious and aloof towards the juggernaut which is the anonymously collective vague-net communities.

A lot of the online net-space be it academic, informative, journalistic or forum is well and good intentioned. Still yet they get daily compromised by invisible projectors of hate through prejudicial, intolerant or ignorant mechanisms.

So I’ll try and be immovably stoic whilst trying to alleviate myself from many stresses built up like skyscrapers in cites.

WordPress is a safe secure designated space in on and of the net-sphere its Ideal for putting ideas and words out there so as not to stress them thereafter.

Stressing posts and shares? Is this guy insane? Perhaps but I’d prefer safe sound & un-sane a curious crazy best sums me up.